Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore
Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore
  • Comparing Play-Based vs Academic pattern in Preschools

    Selecting a best preschool to direct your kid in the right track of learning is a challenging task for the parents. With lot of different terms and philosophies, picking a preschool is overwhelming. Many parents spend hours agonizing over this decision. With a little research, you can make the right choice for your child?s first […]


    Younger Years Thomas Alva Edison was born to Samuel Edison Jr. and Nancy Elliott Edison on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio.?Thomas Edison received little formal education, and left school in 1859 and began to work as a newsboy and a candy butcher on the trains.   Factory The cluster of red brick buildings still […]

  • Best way to prepare your child for Preschool?..

        Is your kid ready for preschool??Here’s how to prepare your toddler for his time away and how to ease the adjustment. Here’s what to consider if your preschooler still needs a mid-day nap. There’s a lot you can do in the weeks before to get ready for the big day.? But try to […]

  • What should you do if you are a Single Parent?

    Know how to manage some of the special challenges that a single parent experiences and what you can do to raise a happy, healthy child….     Single parenting is usually a result of a broken marriage, the loss of a partner or individuals choosing to be single parent without getting into a bond of […]


    Know about the Legend Vivekananda: Introduction: Swami Vivekananda, known in his pre-monastic life as Narendra Nath Datta, was born in an affluent family in Kolkata on 12 January 1863. His father, Vishwanath Datta, was a successful attorney with interests in a wide range of subjects, and his mother, Bhuvaneshwari Devi.   In 1893, Swami Vivekananda […]

  • Reading Habits For Preschool Years (above 2 Years and 6 months)

    Your kid is not developing their Reading habits?.. Worried about it? Here is a tackling tip     You introduce books only during Preschool years. So, first use books that can be read as pictures. The skills to develop are Picture description and reading. The next step is to introduce books with pictures and simple […]

  • Developing The Reading Habits For Kids Above 4 Years

    Doing simple things in your home can help your child develop good Reading Habits     Make sure your child is familiar with the language you expect them to read. The child must be able to carry out a simple conversation in that language before they can read a book.   Read to your child […]


    0-6 Months Old At this age the most important role?a parent can play is to help the child trust the world.Maintain a calm and loving atmosphere at home.   In this secure environment choose simple stories and songs in any language and read or sing to your child.   The goal is to set the […]

  • Psychological Guidelines in Nutrition

    My kid does not eat properly ? What should I do ?…a common question among parents.   Making a meal time fun is essential to ensure that children eat well.   Avoid using television as a diversion to make children eat.   Focus on quality of food and never quantity.   Have regular timings for […]

  • Parenting Tips

    Television link to behavioural problems in young children-Let us know what they are? Researchers questioned the mothers of more than 11,000 children about their typical hours of television and video game use at the age of five. At the age of five, almost two-thirds of children watch television for between 1 – 3 hours per […]