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Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore

Developing Creativity In Children


How do you help your child to develop his creativity?

Creativity and Innovation, Stress Free Education School in Coimbatore

Every human being is born with certain levels of creative talents. Creativity skill is more than an inborn talent, and when nurtured by parents kids express them. Creativity is the ability to think of new ideas. It is a vital component to exercise with kids that helps in better problem solving techniques. It helps the child to be more confident on their views and opinions. It can make kids becoming scientists, artists, inventors etc.


Creative work requires applying and balancing three crucial abilities ? Analytic, Synthetic and Practical abilities that can all be developed. According to Robert Sternberg, Synthetic ability is what we typically think of as creativity. It is the ability to generate novel and interesting ideas. Often the person we call creative is a particularly good synthetic thinker who makes connections between things that other people do not recognize spontaneously. Analytical ability is typically considered to be critical thinking ability. A person with this skill analyzes and evaluates ideas.


The creative individual uses analytical ability to work out the implications of a creative idea and to test it. Practical ability is the ability to translate theory into practice and abstract ideas into practical accomplishments. Creativity requires a balance among synthetic, analytic, and practical abilities. The person who is only synthetic may come up with innovative ideas but cannot make them a reality. The person who is only analytic may be an?excellent critic of other people?s ideas, but is not likely to generate creative ideas. The person who is only practical may be excellent at getting things done but will fall short when it comes to innovation and analysis.