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Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore

How much electricity consumed in our home?

National Conservation Day

Energy conservation has become the catch word of everybody, starting from the Government bureaucrats, technocrats to even general public. All concerns are thinking about the conservation of energy but only a few are conscious about the same. It means the efficient utilization of energy. Thus there is urgent need for Energy Management and control, which ultimately concludes with the practice of Energy Conservation.


Take Quick math of how much Electricity consumed everyday

Let’s say we’re going to leave on a two hour trip. I turn off four 40 watt bulbs that would have run for two hours, so that?s a total of 320 watt hours of energy, or 0.32 kilowatt hours. The effort in that walkthrough, which takes two minutes, is Re 1.


Let’s do the same for an average work day, where the house will be empty for nine hours. Turning off four 40 watt bulbs that would have run for nine hours saves 1440 watt hours of energy. That two minute walkthrough here saves Rs 4.32. This is getting better, but still not very cost effective.


Now, let?s look at a weekend trip, which we take about once a month. We?re typically gone for about 52 hours. Thus, if we turn off those same four 40 watt bulbs, we save 8320 watt hours of energy. That?s Rs 24.96 approx Rs 25, which is getting to be worthwhile for two minutes of effort.



40 watts bulb x 1hr = consumes 1 units electricity = Rs3

165 Liter Fridge x 1 hr = 200 watt

1ton A/C x 1hr =1500 watt

Water Heater x 1 Hr =1000watt

As a household consumption average household consume 12.3 KW electricity / day

Let?s take a quick assessment and write down to see how much we consume at our own home? share your consumption in the comment to create an awareness?.