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Investing in Child Care: Overcoming the challenges faced by working parents?

Parenting is an art and it is difficult task with the modern ages and more exposure of the kids. In earlier days father go for work and mother stay at home, nowadays it has changed and both are going for work. Parents need to bring balance between work and parenting…

As a parent, remember that your goal is to raise responsible children, helping them to someday live independent lives. Being a super parent, running after your children, only inspires them to depend on you to do things they are capable of doing themselves.


With more educational opportunities for both men and women, both the father and mother work in average Indian family. Due to this, interactions within the home reduce, parents and children are more tired to work together and the home becomes a space were hurried conversations, chores meals and routines are highlights of the day.


The obvious advantage when both parents work, is financial well being, independence and the benefits of two incomes. It helps parents create an identity for them.


However on the negative side are several factors which need to be carefully examined and handled to make the home environment supportive and healthy for the child. Children miss out lot because of the lack of play, communication, stimulation and attention and the warmth.


Some of the Tips for working parents