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The happiness and love that your first baby brought into your life is beyond measure, and now you’re thrilled to learn you are expecting another child. Preparing for a second child can be as rewarding and special as the first time. Helping your older child understand what to expect can lessen anxiety for both of you, and being aware of the changes to come is the best way to prepare for this joyous event.


Problems overcome by the first child when their sibling arrives:

Younger toddlers are unable to verbalize their feelings, and their behaviours may regress after the new child is born. Older toddlers and kids might express their feelings by testing your patience, misbehaving, throwing tantrums, or refusing to eat. These problems are usually short-lived, and a little preparation can help an older child adjust to the idea of welcoming a new sibling.


Even if he was excited about having a new sibling before the birth, your preschooler may change his mind once the new baby comes home. How your child behaves will depend partially on his temperament. Children who are more flexible and self-contained may adjust more easily. Those who are highly sensitive, need more time with transitions, and like routines may take longer to adjust.


Your firstborn may react to the addition of a new family member by testing you or regressing, (sitting in the baby’s seat, wanting a diaper, or asking to drink from a bottle). He’s likely to want your attention most when you’re nursing or changing a diaper.


Most likely your child will also be eager to show his new sibling affection and connect with her.


What can I do to help my child accept a new sibling?


Before the Arrival of their sibling:


After the Arrival of their sibling: