Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore
Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore

Psychological Guidelines in Nutrition

My kid does not eat properly ? What should I do ?…a common question among parents.


  1. Making a meal time fun is essential to ensure that children eat well.

  3. Avoid using television as a diversion to make children eat.

  5. Focus on quality of food and never quantity.

  7. Have regular timings for meals. Erratic habits always make children cranky and difficult to feed.


  9. Make meal times a time for communication through stories and songs too. Once we take the stress off food by making it a bonding time with you, meals are likely to be easier to handle.

  11. For young children serve food in different plates with their favourite characters from story or show. So children can eat on ?tweety? plate one day and ?Cars? plate the next and so on.

  13. Never use milk as a substitute for a meal when your child refuses to eat a meal. Having a good combination of solid, semi solid and liquid food everyday is essential.

  15. For example, a crunchy snacks little roasted peanuts is high protein good for body building while stimulating the pressure points to stimulate the learning areas of the brain before study time.

  17. Get rid of feeding bottle as early as you can. This way, children will be able to experiment with chewing, different textures and tastes of food that will help them develop good, clear speech as well.

  19. Parents can also make chapatti?s and dosai?s in different shapes and also add simple vegetables for details. For example, you can make the letters of the alphabet with a dosai or on the dosai add eyes, ears, nose and mouth with different vegetables.

  21. Make a cup of food collage with different vegetables which they like. Make the bowl attracted like sticking smiley pictures in the bowl.

  23. Fill nutrient gaps with healthier snacks. Add on more fruits like apple, banana, and pomegranate. Discourage junk food and make some food from home and give them as snacks.


Above all stay calm even when your child throws tantrums at meal times. A calm parent is more powerful than a stressed out one. Change is possible when you handle tantrums with a cool head.