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edwin hubble
Edwin Hubble 
was born on November 20, 1889 at Missouri to John Powell Hubble and Virginia Lee Hubble. Hubble was the most notable cosmologist of the 20th century. He married Grace Burke in the year 1924. He is the person who has established the field of extragalactic astronomy. His discovery in the 1920’s that countless galaxies exist beyond our own Milky Way galaxy revolutionized our understanding of the universe and our place within it.


He had a keen interest to read science-fiction novels at a very young age. Edwin Hubble did his graduation in astronomy and mathematics and was a Rhodes Scholar. He did his PhD in astronomy. While attending the University of Chicago, he worked under Robert Millikan. Hubble was offered a staff position at the Mount Wilson Observatory. There, he used the world’s largest telescope called as the Hooker’s telescope to make his observations


In the year 1923, Hubble found the crazy patch of sky called the Andromeda Nebula. He found that it contained stars just like the ones in our galaxy, only dimmer. Hubble found the Cepheid variable, a type of star with varying brightness that can be used to measure distances. From this observation, Hubble deduced that the Andromeda Nebula was not a nearby star cluster but rather an entire other galaxy, now called the Andromeda galaxy.


He created a system for classifying galaxies into ellipticals, spirals and barred spirals — a system called the Hubble tuning fork diagram, which is being used even today. He called it as the Hubble sequence.


He observed the interesting fact that the galaxies that are far from our Milky Way seems to have a greater velocity (speed) and those which are nearer to our Milky Way has a slower velocity. Based on this observation, Hubble concluded that the universe expands uniformly. He published this year in the year 1929. This was accepted and appreciated by many scientists and this ultimately led to revolutionizing the field of astronomy.


Based on his observations, he derived the Hubble law, which states that,



Hubble, along with Humason, conducted many research and proved that galaxies come from a central point of origin. This fact helped in supporting the Big Bang Theory to state the Universe’s origin.


Edwin Hubble received many awards and honours for his remarkable contribution to the world of astronomy.



Hubble continued to conduct research at the Mount Wilson Observatory, as well as the Palomar Observatory in California, until he died on September 28, 1953. He had suffered a stroke that was caused by cerebral thrombosis, and was 63 years old at the time.