Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore
Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore


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G.D.Naidu was born on March 23, 1893, in Kalangal, near Coimbatore. He had only primary education but excelled as a versatile genius. G.D.Naidu created problems to Classmates, Teachers at the time of his School life. In fact, even at a young age, he hated the system so much that he threw mud in the face of his teachers.

Right from his childhood, he was very interested in machines and motor vehicles. City life inspired him so he moved to Coimbatore. He got a motor cycle from the English revenue official Lanka Shyel for four hundred rupees by doing petty works. His dedication and hunger to invent new things gained him the name “Edison of India”





G.D.Naidu had the opportunities to see the Scientific Research centres at Germany. In 1937, the first motor produced in India, was from G D Naidu’s UMS group company called National Electric Works. This created a revolution in Coimbatore and lead to the establishment of number of small scale industries producing pumps and motors. Now Coimbatore is called as the pump city of Asia. The motor and pump industry in Coimbatore supplies two thirds of India’s requirements.


By 1920, G.D.Naidu then met British businessman and philanthropist, Sir Robert Stanes encouraged to start a new business and gave a sum of four thousand rupees. G.D.Naidu got a loan of another four thousand rupees and he bought a passenger auto-coach. G.D.Naidu named his Bus service as U.M.S (Universal Motor Service) service and this service is offered in with the mind of People’s goodness.


Phonograph was assembled and made by G.D.Naidu himself with some help from an American firm and his own UMS in 1940. Phonograph was originally invented by Edison.


In 1941, he announced that he had the ability to manufacture five – valve Radio sets in India.

He started two premier institutions in the year 1945, “Sir Arthur Hope College of Technology” and “Sir Arthur Hope Polytechnic”. He donated both the institutions to the Government. Both colleges are now known as “The Government College of Technology (GCT)” and “The Government Polytechnic of Coimbatore” respectively. Today, GCT is one of the premier engineering institutes in India.


He is said to have grown ten feet high Cotton plants, 3 feet Coconut trees, high yielding millet plants which CV Raman aptly called “organic marvels”.


He also demonstrated to construct houses within twenty four hours in a cheaper price.


After that G.D.Naidu started his own Cotton Manufacturing Industry with the help of his friends. He became wealthy due to his hard work. Later he suffered a huge loss and lost interest in business.


In 1967, the G D Naidu Industrial Exhibition was established.


He died on the 4th of January, 1974