Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore
Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore


A museum is a place that bonds us with our past heritage and cultures. They speak a lot about the evolution of the what, how, when, where and how.Picture1 As humans come across various generations, the only proof to teach their upcoming generation about their ancestors is through the things preserved at a place.


The world owns about 55,000 museums in around 202 countries. Museums can be classified based on the notable collection of antiques preserved. They can be archaeological museums, anthropological museums, science museums, art museums, folklore museums, zoological museums, geological museums and industrial museums.


Museums preserve old monuments, traditional attires, lifestyles of the natives, their ancestral profession, olden manuscripts, armory, coins, utensils, old age documentaries, skeletons of extinct species, painting miniatures, etc. The early architecture and cultural regime will be depicted in most of the museums in the form of paintings, sculptures, etc.


Museums are one of the spectacular spot for tourists to take a walkthrough.




India is a land, rich in its culture and heritage. India has a plenty of museums in every states. The development of the Indian museums remark the development of heritage and Indian culture. There are many multi-purpose museums found in India. Every Indian states own their own State museum which represents and preserves the rich cultural heritage of their respective states. The Indian art museums and galleries are considered to be one of the most favourites among tourists all over the world.






2014 celebrates the 36th anniversary of the International Museum Day, worldwide. As a token of remembrance and to mark this day, museums all around the world, organize various events to promote awareness and speciality of preserving things from extinction. ICOM (International Council of Museums) organizes various events on this day. ICOM is the only international organization representing museums and museum professionals on a global level.? The theme for the year 2014 is:


Museum collections make connections

This theme reminds everyone about the linking bond between the past and the present.