Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore
Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore

Tricks to break kids off their electronic habits



Tablets and phones have replaced the TV as a way of pacifying children and keeping them entertained-recent figures.

Yet these devices could be having a significant impact of the mental health of young people lot of what goes on a mobile phone is built to be addictive.


Most parents decide to give smart phones for children to keep the kids occupied when the parent is actually busy with some work. It’s actually not that bad. But it shouldn’t let children get more and more addicted to their smart phone. Since the current trend has a greater impact on the addiction for electronic gadgets, parents find it tedious to stop kids from this. But it is a necessity to take control of the usage of the smart phones with strict rules

Smart phone addiction can have an adverse effect on the kid?s behavior socially. Constant gaming can worsen his behavior and attitude. In order to spend all their time playing in smart phones, the kid would start to avoid social situations. It is not surprising to know that toddlers and preschoolers have their own way to learn how to use these little gadgets even without being taught by adults.Getting addicted to smart phones also makes them lack of focus because of just keeping their eyes on the screen.


Giving up phones completely isn?t the answer. But the adversity on this issue is quite insistent.?Here are some tricks to break kids off their addiction to the smart phones and other electronic gadgets