Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore
Peepal Prodigy CBSE school Coimbatore


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Peepal Prodigy School works on Equity

At Peepal we know each student as a unique and layered individual through a student orientation program, which helps us to learn where they’re from, what they love to do outside the school, and what their family is like. The more we know, the more we can build trust and differentiate instruction.


We convince the kids about their own brilliance and capability, and help them to reach their potential in a disciplined and structured environment. No rote learning and no repetitive writing. Kids explore and learn subjects. Practical learning is inculcated amongst kids.


Since standardized tests does not provide quality data, the use of multi-domain assessment helps us to diagnose students’ learning needs.


We prepare kids for the real exam called LIFE. Create opportunities for your child to express opinions, shoulder responsibilities, solve problems and make decisions within and outside the home.


One-size lessons do notfit all. At Peepal we are willing to flex and set aside our well-laid plans to individualize instruction.


At Peepal we teach students to view failure as just another form of data. In our classroom environment, there’s no need for the kids to hide, because struggle and failures are neutralized.


We use a variety of methods to support the concept being taught at school. Experiential learning methods focus on a stress free schooling for your ward. Peepal focuses on concept learning and not content learning. Educating children about ‘how to learn and not what to learn’! Life at Peepal is about giving your child the best you have wanted as parents.


At Peepal we help students to activate their cultural schema to access challenging content. We let them share where they come from with each other to Value and affirm all forms of difference.


Equality Is Not Always Justice

Equality Equals Quantity, Whereas Equity Equals Quality