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Our passion for learning is contagious.
At Peepal School, we go beyond the routine school teaching, rote learning, periodical test, and the monotonous classroom. We masterfully prepare students for beyond school and independent learners. Peepal students see beyond themselves and grow to be empathetic leaders who bring out the best in themselves and others.
Our students learn how to learn, ask big questions, achieve big dreams and take ownership of their learning along the way. They grow beyond all expectations and have a heightened confidence.
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Why is our school different from other schools?
Our school stands quite different as we induce age appropriate, child friendly and concept oriented lesson plans and a learning environment that avoids stress and helps the whole system of learning to evolve better.
How is your school coaching different from other schools?
The same CBSE syllabus is followed as in other institutions but the method of teaching is more of experiential learning with learning tools and material that enables the child to have a better conceptual understanding.
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