Children’s Hut - Pre KG to KG2

Much research confirms that the first years of life are crucial in a child’s brain development. This is when children have the greatest capacity and appetite for learning, especially in language development and socialization. At Peepal, our entire program seeks to support young children (and their families) as they begin their journey of becoming lifelong learners.

The Kindergarten space is dedicated to our youngest learners. The objective here is “Follow the Child”. In well-organised fantasy corners, developmentally age appropriate classrooms, under expert trained, experienced and caring tutors along with children’s fantasy & love for exploration, allows them to take the lead in their learning.

Kindergarten is designed specifically to foster social and cognitive development and to lay the foundation for learning in multiple academic areas. Different learning spaces within the campus thoughtfully encourage children to explore practical life activities, sensorial experiences, math, language, culture and science.

Children’s Hut Highlights

  • The unique flexibility of Peepal methodology allows to continually challenge each child at his or her own learning pace.
  • The concept of learning spaces rather than a four walled classroom stimulates enthusiasm for learning and inspires independent thinking
  • Routine curriculum includes brain gym, kids yoga & dance, taught with structured lesson plans.
  • To magnify the child’s fantasy and imagination, the kindergarten space is abundantly loaded with miniatures and learning corners.
  • Every child is guided in his or her own learning within the structure of our Eclectic Curriculum, which is supported by global best practices in preschool education.
  • Exclusive outdoor, as well as an indoor space, specially designed to meet the young child’s need for gross and fine motor development.
  • All our tutors are graduates with extensive experience in children handling and ensure the child feels the learning space engaging and comfortable as much as home.